Social Dynamics (5000 level)

Spring, 2020

How do people connect, communicate, and coordinate? This graduate level course will explore contemporary and multidisciplinary approaches to the study of dynamic social behavior. Topics will include coordination during conversation, behavioral synchrony, joint action, collective movement of groups, social networks, and cultural evolution.

Psychology of Emotions (PSYC 4500)

Fall, 2019

Emotions fuel and direct goal-relevant behavior. They prioritize what we pay attention to, how we learn, and what we remember. They regulate our relationships, binding us to some people and repelling us from others. Mental disorders result when emotions become disregulated. In short, emotions are integral to every aspect of our psychology. This upper-level undergraduate course will examine contemporary issues in affective science, or the study of emotion. We will read a combination of empirical articles, review and theory papers, and book chapters that address affective processes in both humans and non-human animals. Click here for the course syllabus (subject to change).

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